Clarington Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services can take the pressure off you and still keep residential and commercial spaces clean. With diverse and unique approaches, professional cleaning ladies can easily reach in neglected areas, cleaning spaces that you weren’t even aware needed cleaning. Other times, they can also help with maintenance to keep a home feeling welcoming and an office or business looking great and productive. With the help of a professional cleaning lady, your interiors don’t stand a chance against dirt, dust, mess, or debris! So, what are you waiting for? Give the professionals a call today!

About Us
At Clarington Cleaning Services, we’re much more than a standard cleaning service, we’re the cleaning experts. We go above and beyond to deliver you with quality cleaning services that can’t be matched or achieved elsewhere. We’re dedicated to our art of cleaning spaces and welcoming guests to feel at home, wherever they are. We do this with close attention to detail in all of the cleaning services we offer, as well as completing our projects with precision and professionalism that you expect from such services. When you decide to let us clean your home, office, or commercial space, you won’t be disappointed – you’ll be satisfied, each and every time, and that’s our promise!

Our Services
Our range of services was designed with you in mind, meaning we’re always looking for ways to keep you satisfied and feeling clean in whatever space you’re in. We’ve compiled services that are either frequently-requested or that could benefit clients the most. This includes residential, commercial, post-construction, and even move in and move out realtor cleaning services. If you’re looking for a cleaning service that isn’t listed in our standard set of cleaning services, we still encourage you to reach out to us to see how we can be of assistance.

House Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services

Home cleaning services accommodate residential cleaning needs around the Clarington area. We’ve made ourselves available in surrounding townships as well and are more than willing to travel to provide our cleaning services if you’re located in the Clarington, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Courtice, Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering, Durham, and Brooklin areas.

Deep Cleaning Services

​Professional Deep Cleaning Services

Professional deep cleaning helps target particular areas of residential or commercial properties that aren’t easily addressed with regular or standard cleanings. This includes covered or closeted surfaces, as well as higher areas such as door and window frames. Even though some of these areas may often be wiped or sanitized, they could still contain germs and dirt if not deep cleaned ever so often. Deep cleans don’t need to be performed often, but they should be considered on an annual basis to ensure that your interiors are in their best condition.

Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

One of the best ways to ensure that your employees are both productive and healthy in the workplace is to keep the working environment clean and free from dirt and allergens that can easily be spread throughout. If you welcome guests to your office, it is also crucial to keep it clean, considering how often the break rooms and bathrooms are used by staff members and visitors alike.

commercial cleaning services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services are large-scale cleaning projects that help clients with bigger properties and space to keep their interiors just as clean. We operate our commercial cleaning services with the same attitude as our residential ones, which includes precision, attention to detail, and overall excellence. We regularly clean commercial properties that range in use and facility, such as medical offices, corporate buildings, and even warehouses.

Construction Cleaning Services

Renovation/Construction Cleaning Services

After a renovation or construction project has been completed, you’re likely left with the mess of dust, building materials, and even misplaced interiors. Instead of attempting to rearrange and clean everything on your own, we’re here to help by offering our renovation and construction cleaning services that remove debris and put things back in order.

Move In Cleaning Services

Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services

Move in and move out cleaning services are catered to those clients that want to come into their residential space or leave it in pristine conditions for the next tenants. Our move in and move out cleaning services are designed for new and former tenants, as well as realtors that want their residential space to appear clean and well-kept for potential new tenants. Such services are also great for open houses and interested or potential new buyers and/or renters.

Contact Us

​If our services sound like they can benefit you, then we encourage you to reach out to us to schedule an appointment for a cleaning service! We’ve listed our direct service line number so that you can easily give us a call at your earliest convenience. Our team of customer service agents is ready to answer your questions and schedule you for a cleaning appointment with our cleaning ladies at the earliest time available. If you’d rather write us an email or want to request a free estimate, you can also do so by completing the contact form listed on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more information.

At Clarington Cleaning Services, we service Bowmanville, Newcastle, Newtonville, Courtice, Oshawa, Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Lindsay and surrounding area. We have been proudly serving these areas for the last 7 years. If you are looking for any cleaning services including house cleaning, deep cleaning, move in cleaning, office cleaning, commercial cleaning and renovation or construction cleaning, please give us a call and we would be more than happy to give you a quote.

What Our Customers Have To Say...

“I needed some extra help cleaning my kitchen after I had it renovated and the cleaning ladies at Clarington Cleaning Services were the perfect team to assist. They sent a few cleaning ladies to help me with dusting high shelves, deep cleaning drawers, and cabinets and washing my dishes. I really can’t thank them enough!”
Patricia D.
“The cleaning ladies at Clarington Cleaning Services are so incredibly friendly and efficient. They come to clean our office twice a week and we couldn’t be happier with their services. I would recommend them for all future office cleaning services!”
Mandy S.
“I was looking for a cleaning service near me and I’m so glad I came across Clarington Cleaning Services. They serve a number of townships in the Clarington area and were able to arrive on site to clean my home in a jiffy. I would definitely use them again!” .
Jennifer R.